Monday, July 11, 2011

Hair Flippin'

Hair Flippin' by joey_foto
Hair Flippin', a photo by joey_foto on Flickr.

Kendra was available for some hair flippin'! She was a very easy model to work with and very likeable.

This setup is easy to do, give it a try:

This was shot with a 3 point lighting setup, Alien Bee's 1600 in a softbox front right (45 degrees), and 2 Alien Bee's 800's bare bulb blowing out the white backdrop. I used a white tile board from Home Depot to get somewhat of a reflection on her heels.

I simply had her put her head down while I counted to 3 and then she would lift her head and flip her hair at the same time that I would snap the photo. It took 3 or 4 frames to get one that I really liked, but the setup is easy to try and the results are pretty good!

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